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Popular item vanishes after Suez crisis

The Daily Telegraph Australia 17 Apr 2021
Supply chain issues caused by the blockage of the Suez Canal and the COVID-19 pandemic have led to the shortage of a surprising item in hot demand — garden gnomes ....

Suez Canal officials allow 2 of the 25 Indian crew on ‘Ever Given’ to leave

Business Line 17 Apr 2021
The Suez Canal Authority, the operator of the key waterway that was the focus of global attention last month in the wake of the grounding of a huge container ship, has permitted two of the arrested ship’s crew members to leave the vessel for their country due to urgent personal ...

The great British garden-gnome famine: Elf is on the way after Suez Canal snarl-up & ...

Russia Today 17 Apr 2021
Supply chain issues arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and the latest accident in the Suez Canal have led to a nationwide shortage of garden gnomes in Britain, as lawn-ornament figurines are selling like hotcakes during lockdowns ... because of the latest accident in the Suez Canal.

Column: Did Suez Canal Back-Up Have a N.C. Connection?

The Pilot 17 Apr 2021
Who is responsible for last month’s jam-up in the Suez Canal? Could it be a North Carolinian with ties to Pinehurst? ... 6 ... And it made possible the gigantic Ever Given loaded with 18,300 containers that plowed into the Suez banks ... And then you can hold him partly accountable for the jam-up of the monster container ship in the Suez. D.G ... .

Suez crisis 2021: garden gnome supplies run short

The Times/The Sunday Times 16 Apr 2021
Garden gnomes have become one of the commodities in short supply as a result of the Suez Canal blockage as well as a steep rise in demand during ...

Suez Canal lets 2 Ever Given crew return to India

The Times of India 16 Apr 2021
ISMAILIA. Two of the 25-member Indian crew aboard the cargo vessel that blocked global shipping in the will be allowed to return home owing to , the said on Thursday ... Download ... Top Videos ... .

PS5 UK stock updates – Suez Canal crisis means NO PlayStation consoles at Smyths, Very, ...

The Sun 16 Apr 2021
THERE is unlikely to be any PS5 consoles in sale until the end of April after the impact of the Suez Canal crisis impacted the supply chain.

UK experiences garden gnome shortage due to Suez canal blockage and lockdown

London Evening Standard 16 Apr 2021
The UK is experiencing an nationwide shortage of garden gnomes, with the Suez canal blockage and the coronavirus lockdown to blame ... .

US facing port congestion on both coasts as a result of the Suez Canal obstruction

WPTV 16 Apr 2021
And obviously a couple weeks ago we had the incident with the Evergiven in the Suez Canal, which is further stressing the supply chain,” said Jonathan Gold, the VP of Supply Chain and Customs Policy for the National Retail Federation. He says the late March obstruction of the Suez Canal in Egypt only made global trade issues even worse ... .

In short supply: Suez snarl-up, virus hit UK gnome market

Urdu Point 16 Apr 2021
London, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Apr, 2021 ) .High demand during lockdown and supply problems following the Suez Canal blockage have caused a shortage of garden gnomes in Britain, the BBC reported on Thursday ... But in the wake of last month's snarl-up in Suez, caused ...

Gnome limits: UK garden centres run out after Suez blockage

The Observer 16 Apr 2021
Garden gnomes and other outdoor furniture are running out due to supply chain issues and the popularity of garden centres in the UK during lockdown. Raw materials have become increasingly difficult to come by and the recent blockage of the Suez canal has also contributed to the national shortage of gnomes ... He said. “There aren’t any [gnomes] ... He said ... .

Losses Mount for Chinese Companies as Egypt Seizes Suez Tanker

Caixin Online 16 Apr 2021
Chinese companies with goods on the Ever Given are facing mounting losses due to even longer delays getting their shipments delivered after Egyptian authorities seized the giant cargo vessel and demanded almost $1 billion in compensation for blocking the Suez Canal for about a week.